• The role of the UNU-IAS Board, as defined in the UNU-IAS statute, Article IV (8), includes ensuring scientific excellence in the activities of the institute, promoting its interests and reviewing its strategic plans, work programmes and budgets.

    Board members serve in their individual capacity, and are appointed by the Rector of UNU, in consultation with the UNU Council. The Rector of UNU and the Director of UNU-IAS are ex-officio members of the Board.

    Current UNU-IAS Board Members


    • maria-ivanovaProf. Maria IvanovaAssociate Professor of Global Governance and Director, Center for Governance and Sustainability, University of Massachusetts Boston

    • mitsuo-kojimaMr. Mitsuo KojimaPresident and Representative Director, Affirmative Investment Management Japan Inc.

    • philip-osanoDr. Philip OsanoCentre Director, Stockholm Environment Institute Africa

    • Ms. Helene von ReisPresident CEO & CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) of IKEA Japan K.K.
      Former Vice President of IKEA US and Managing Director at IKEA Communications.