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    The aim of the UNU Global Seminars is to enhance awareness about contemporary global issues and the role of the United Nations in addressing those issues. Students and young professionals are given the opportunity to interact with distinguished scholars and practitioners from Japan and abroad, and to explore a specific issue in depth through lectures and group discussions.

    These sessions are open to university students, graduate students and young professionals from all over the world. Lectures will be given only in English, so participants are required to have a good working knowledge of English. A participation fee covers seminar documentation and certificate issued from UNU-IAS.

    UNU Global Seminar Japan

    Sustainable Solutions for Global Environmental Problems
    10-11, 22 March 2021

    Environmental problems are one of the most burning global issues we are currently facing. Recently, we have been experiencing many environmental issues that we had never experienced before. Environmental issues present us with a problem that has “cross-border” characteristics. First, nature has no boundary. The environmental problems range from local to global. Second, Environmental problems are connected with diverse issues. Third, this characteristic evolves from “cross-border” relations among different social sectors. Then, how can and shall we tackle environmental problems today? In the context of the three characteristics above, three points can be identified. First, we are required to have systematic and holistic approaches and solutions covering multi-level governance from local to global. Second, we ought to have multidisciplinary knowledge and information covering different social science fields and further connecting social and natural sciences. Third, we need multi-stakeholders cooperation and collaboration across different social sectors. SDGs are a symbolic example illustrating the importance of these three characteristics of “cross-border.” The 36th UNU-IAS Global Seminar offers the participants a valuable opportunity to learn about the contemporary and urgent challenge of the global environment, and discuss how we can grapple with it effectively and fairly.

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    History of the UNU Global Seminars

    The UNU Global Seminars began in Japan in the Kanto area in 1985 with the first Shonan Session, and in the Kansai area in 1995 with the Kobe Session. In Japan, additional UNU Global Seminars are held in Tohoku, Shimane-Yamaguchi, Hokkaido, Kobe-Awaji, Kanazawa, and Okinawa. The expansion of the UNU Global Seminars abroad began with the Seoul (South Korea) Session in 2003.


  • The seminar is open to university students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) , irrespective of their major. Young professionals who are interested in the theme of the seminar are also welcome, although those working in the subject area are not admissible. Participants are required to have a good command of English, as lectures will be delivered in English. Simultaneous interpretation will not be provided.

    The sessions will be held on the following dates:

      • 10 March 2021 from 13:00 – 17:00 JST
      • 11 March 2021 from 13:00 – 17:00 JST
      • 22 March 2021 from 13:00 – 17:00 JST

    Please note that participants are expected to join the online seminar at least 10 minutes before the start of each session and participants are expected to remain online for the duration of the session. Further details will be sent to the selected participants directly.


    The participation fee of JPY30,000 covers seminar documents and certificate issued from UNU-IAS.

  • Application deadline: Monday, 1 March 2021 (by 12:00 JST)
    Please apply using the online registration form.

    Notification of Selection

    Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application around 5 March 2021 by email. The participation fee of 30,000 yen must be deposited to the designated bank account by 8 March, 2021. Details will be sent to the selected participants directly.

  • UNU Global Seminar Secretariat

    Email: ias.pdt.event@unu.edu

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