UNU Global Seminar – 35th Shonan Session

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    The aim of the UNU Global Seminars is to enhance awareness about contemporary global issues and the role of the United Nations in addressing those issues. Students and young professionals are given the opportunity to interact with distinguished scholars and practitioners from Japan and abroad, and to explore a specific issue in depth through lectures and group discussions.

    These sessions are open to university students, graduate students and young professionals residing in Japan. Lectures may be in Japanese or English, so participants are required to understand both languages. A participation fee covers accommodation, meals and seminar documentation. A limited number of fellowships are available for foreign students studying in Japan.

    UNU Global Seminar Japan – 35th Shonan Session

    Global Actions Against International Terrorism
    26 August to 29 August 2019

    The issue of international terrorism is so multifaceted that it cannot be tackled by a single State but must be addressed through the concerted efforts of the international community as a whole. What global actions are effective against international terrorism? Various efforts are being made at international, regional, national, and local levels. When it comes to the international level, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in 2006. How has this strategy been implemented thus far? At the regional level, we are witnessing international terrorism in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. What are the features of the counter-terrorism measures being taken by the relevant States? At the same time, we should consider the negative aspects of these measures. It is also important to ensure respect for human rights and the rule of law. At the domestic level, it would be useful to learn lessons from the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995. In addition, we also need to consider international terrorism in our daily lives at the local level.

    The 35th Shonan Session of the UNU Global Seminar offers the participants a valuable opportunity to learn about the contemporary and urgent challenge of international terrorism and discuss more effective global actions.

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    History of the UNU Global Seminars

    The UNU Global Seminars began in Japan in the Kanto area in 1985 with the first Shonan Session, and in the Kansai area in 1995 with the Kobe Session. In Japan, additional UNU Global Seminars are held in Tohoku, Shimane-Yamaguchi, Hokkaido, Kobe-Awaji, Kanazawa, and Okinawa. The expansion of the UNU Global Seminars abroad began with the Seoul (South Korea) Session in 2003.


  • The seminar is open to Japanese and foreign students at Japanese universities (undergraduate and postgraduate students), irrespective of their major. Young professionals who are interested in the theme of the seminar are also welcome, although those working in the subject area are not admissible. Non-Japanese residents (persons living outside Japan) are not eligible to apply. Participants are required to understand both English and Japanese, as lectures will be delivered in either language. Simultaneous interpretation will not be provided.

    Registration begins at 13:00 on 26 August; the seminar ends on 29 August after lunch. Further details will be sent to the selected participants directly. Participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the seminar.


    The participation fee of JPY38,000 covers accommodation, meals, and seminar documents. Transportation costs to/from the seminar site are not included. Foreign students (excluding those who receive a monthly scholarship of 117,000 yen or more) may apply for a JPY30,000 waiver of this seminar fee. Each room will be shared by 2-6 participants.

  • Application deadline: Friday, 31 May 2019
    Please apply using the online registration form.

    Notification of Selection

    Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application around 5 July 2019 by email. The participation fee of 38,000 yen must be deposited to the designated bank account by 19 July 2019. Details will be sent to the selected participants directly.

  • UNU Global Seminar Shonan Session Secretariat
    Tel: 03-5467-1212
    Fax: 03-3499-2828
    Email: shonan@unu.edu


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