Research by Previous Students

  • Master’s Degree Theses


    Future Scenarios for Forest Ecosystem Management in Myanmar

    Food Security and Gender Equality under Industrial Crop Expansion in Ethiopia and Ghana

    Landscape Measures for Flood Adaptation and Water Resource Management Case study of Malwathu Oya River Basin, Sri Lanka

    Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage Systems in Yato Watershed

    Integrated Urban Water Management Scenario Modeling: An Approach towards Sustainable Water Governance in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

    Evaluation of the Impact of Climate and Land Use Change on the Hydrologic Response and Stability of the Ifugao Rice Terraces

    Food Waste Generation, Utilization and Management in the Tamale Metropolis: Composting Potential for Enhancing Agriculture in Urban and Peri-Urban Semi-arid Ghana


    Education for Disaster Risk Reduction: Insights on Risk Communication from Ghana’s Basic Schools

    Corporate Responses to Climate Change: Comparative Analysis of the US, the UK, and Japan Using CDP Disclosure Forms

    Social Media Activism and Participation: A Case Study for Social and Climate Change Movements

    Towards Water Security in the Hani Rice Terraces, China: Resource Analysis and Water Management

    The Role of Mangrove Ecosystem in Flood Risk Reduction: The Case Study of Tana Delta, Kenya

    Assessment of Land Use Change Effect On Plant Biodiversity In a Savannah Agro-Ecological Zone: Case Study in the Tolon District, Northern Ghana

    ESD + IP: Rethinking the Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development and Its Relevance to Indigenous Youth

    An Assessment of Carbon Stock in the Muyong Forest Management System and the Feasibility of REDD-Plus in the Nagacadan Terrace Cluster, Ifugao


    Doctoral Dissertations


    Examining the Sustainability of Material Flows in Shea Production Systems in Northern Ghana

    Unified Loss Functions for Pre-flood Disaster Damage Modelling


    Provisioning Ecosystem Services Utilization and Management in Northern Ghana: A Community-based Assessment

    Assessment of On-site Facilities Performance for Sustainable Urban Water Management Using Uncertainty Analysis in Forecasting

    Rainfall Forecast Improvement for Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction