Satoumi in Noto Peninsula

  • DATE / TIME:
    2015•03•24    13:30 - 17:00
    Photo: Noto Diving Resort

    Photo: Noto Diving Resort

    Three years have passed since “Noto’s Satoyama Satoumi” in Ishikawa prefecture’s Noto peninsula was designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) site. While people living in the Noto area are making proactive efforts to conserve satoyoma (socio-ecological production landscapes), many still do not fully understand the important role that satoumi (socio-ecological production seascapes) plays as an integral part of the Noto GIAHS site; some hold the misconception that GIAHS are mainly about agriculture and do not include fisheries.

    UNU-IAS will hold a public seminar focusing on the satoumi in Noto, with the objective to deepen understanding of the role and importance of Noto’s satoumi. In this seminar, leading academic experts on satoyama and satoumi, local stakeholders from the fisheries industry and other professionals from and outside of Ishikawa prefecture will share their understanding of Noto’s satoumi and their conservation activities. In particular, the seminar will share satoumi’s role in contributing to the revitalization of local industries, and how satoumi has in turn been conserved through these industries.

    Please note that this event will be held in Japanese only. For more details, please visit our Japanese website.


    Big Meeting Room, 3F Kanazawa Bunka Hall
    15-1 Takaoka-cho, Kanazawa-city, Ichikawa Prefecture.