Roadmap Webinar for the RCE Community 2021-2030: What’s Next?

  • DATE / TIME:
    2021•07•09 - 2021•07•13

    Following the launch of the Roadmap for the RCE Community 2021–2030, this webinar will delve further into the key areas of the Roadmap, in particular the four strategic priority areas to guide the RCE community’s collective actions towards 2030. In addition, an important part of the Roadmap – Monitoring and Evaluation – will be covered, with a focus on how to report RCE projects and disseminate relevant information via the Global RCE Network’s communication channels.

    Please note that registration for this webinar is strictly limited to RCE members and more information can be found on the RCE Network website.

    UNU-IAS serves as the Secretariat for the RCE Initiative through its Education for Sustainable Development project.