Commemoration of the UN Decade on Biodiversity (Online)

  • DATE / TIME:
    2020•05•16    13:30 - 15:45

    At the 10th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties on Biodiversity held in Aichi Prefecture in 2010, the Aichi Targets, consisting of 20 targets for protecting biodiversity, were adopted. 2011-2020 have been set as the UN Decade on Biodiversity, and we have been working together with the international and local communities to achieve these Aichi targets. UNU-IAS Ishikawa/Kanazawa Operating Unit, together with partners in Ishikawa and Kanazawa, have been promoting the mainstreaming of biodiversity to achieve the Aichi Targets by connecting local efforts with the international community.

    To commemorate the International Day for Biodiversity on May 22, 2020, in the year of the one-decade milestone, we will review the activities of Ishikawa, where the kick-off symposium for the UN Decade on Biodiversity was held, and consider ways in which to build a sustainable region for the next decade.