Southeast Asia’s Stream of Polluted Rivers

  • 2017•11•28     Kuala Lumpur     The Asean Post

    Excerpt from 14 November 2017 online edition of The Asean Post:

    Based on the [UNU] Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability’s Policy Brief report, pollution levels in Metro Manila’s rivers are so high that “they could be considered open sewers.” The main cause is the untreated residential waste that flows directly into the waterbodies. According to official statistics, only 20–30 percent of the city’s households are connected to a sewerage system. The remaining 70 percent of households have septic tanks, which in many cases leak human waste into underground aquifers…

    The ‘Policy Brief’ report suggests that in order to tackle this issue and to foster an effective approach for sustainable urban development in the region, policymakers in collaboration with the private sector and the international donor community must adopt an integrated approach for protecting urban waterbodies, including by developing relevant legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms.