Forbes Japan Interview Calls for Inclusive Sustainability in Business

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  • 2022•10•25     FORBES JAPAN

    On 25 October 2022, Forbes Japan magazine featured an interview with Akio Takemoto (Programme Head, UNU-IAS) discussing synergies and trade-offs between climate action and sustainable development from a business perspective. Dr Takemoto spoke about the need for companies to implement sustainability measures that tackle not only environmental challenges but also social and ethical issues, incorporating the principle of leaving no one behind — which is at the core of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. He also highlighted the importance of using data to visualise synergies between corporate climate initiatives and sustainability policies to address global issues and at the same time strengthen their corporate value.

    The article is available in Japanese in the December print issue of the magazine and was published on Forbes Japan website on 12 January 2023.