Op-Ed Argues for Integrated Action on Biodiversity and Climate


  • 2023•04•03     The Japan Times

    On 2 April 2023, The Japan Times published an opinion piece by Himangana Gupta (Research Fellow and Academic Associate, UNU-IAS) on the linkages between biodiversity loss and climate change, arguing for policies that can address both challenges in a mutually reinforcing way. The article discusses the outcomes of the 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP15) and the 2022 UN Climate Change Summit (COP27), and highlights the need for integrated approaches that foster synergies and mitigate trade-offs.


    Across national governments, city governments and the private sector, there is more focus on climate action than biodiversity issues, and therefore understanding of synergies between the two interlinked priorities must be deepened.

    The full article is available on the Japan Times website and in print.