Swissinfo Article Argues that Protecting Biodiversity Starts in the Community


  • 2022•06•30     swissinfo

    On 29 June 2022, SWI published an opinion piece by Philip Vaughter (Consultant, UNU-IAS) focusing on the potential of local initiatives to protect biodiversity. The piece is available in English, Arabic, and Japanese. Swissinfo is an online news and information service, and the international unit of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).


    A target of protecting 30% of the world’s ecosystems by 2030 has been discussed ahead of the upcoming biodiversity summit in Montreal. If this is to be achieved, it demands not only a return to pre-pandemic levels of aspiration but going well beyond them. While this might sound daunting after two years of little progress, we should remember that the actual work of implementation takes place in local communities. There are already a great deal of successful practices and initiatives for biodiversity under way in diverse settings around the world. 

    The full article is available in three languages on the website.