Exploring Future Collaboration with the Japanese Research Community


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  • 2014•10•13     Tokyo

    You are cordially invited to attend the seminar Exploring Future Collaboration with the Japanese Research Community to be held at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo, starting at 1:30 PM on 13 October. This event will bring together representatives from leading Japanese environmental research institutes and from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

    Based in Austria, IIASA was founded to promote East-West scientific cooperation during the cold war, and now conducts research into global problems in three areas: energy and climate change, food and water, and poverty and equity.

    From IIASA we will welcome Dr. Pavel Kabat, Director General and Chief Executive Officer, as well as Deputy Director General Dr. Nebojsa Nakicenovic.

    Together with the speakers, panellists from the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth, the National Institute for Environmental Studies, and the Asia Center for Air Pollution Research will explore opportunities for the Japanese research community and IIASA to collaborate on environmental issues of global scale. They will also discuss past projects conducted with IIASA in the fields of climate change and sustainable development.

    Simultaneous Japanese–English interpretation will be provided for this symposium.

    For further details, or to register to attend, please see the event announcement on the IGES website.

    Journalists who have questions, or who prefer to register by e-mail or phone, may contact Ms. Makiko Arima, UNU-IAS Communications Associate (arima@unu.edu, +81 3 5467 1212).

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