Apply Now for Intensive Core Courses

  • 2020•05•27

    Every year UNU-IAS organises the regular session of its four-week UNU Intensive Core (UNU-IC) Courses at UNU Centre in Tokyo, Japan. The courses are designed to provide analyses of global issues from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Although advanced in nature, they are open to postgraduate students and professionals in various occupations who are not necessarily specialists in the field. The courses also draw on the research projects undertaken at UNU-IAS in Tokyo and at various other UNU institutes located around the world.

    The IC Courses are taught in a cooperative fashion by a team of scholars and practitioners comprising both in-house and outside experts. One of the unique features of the IC is that many of the practitioners come from United Nations organizations. Another important characteristic is the direct access to teaching faculty and the support provided to course participants by the UNU-IAS in-house academic staff who serve as academic counsellors.

    The application period for UNU-IAS Intensive Core Courses is now open until 10 July 2020. The Autumn 2020 session of the UNU-IC Courses will run from 1 – 29 September 2020.

    For more details, please visit the UNU-IAS IC Courses webpage, here, or send an email here.