Call for Papers: Future scenarios for socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes

  • 2017•08•03     Tokyo

    Sustainability Science journal is now accepting abstracts for a special feature (SF) it will publish in spring 2019 on “Future Scenarios for Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes”.

    The SF will offer an opportunity to present and share updated science-policy issues regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) scenarios and modeling, case studies on local to regional scales, capacity building efforts for BES scenarios and modeling, and policy support examples by using BES scenarios and modeling. Further, the SF will contribute to mobilizing and activating researchers and policy makers to strengthen the network of and partnerships between BES scenarios and models beyond the local and national scales. It will begin with a group of papers from the Predicting and Assessing Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services (PANCES) project, and the journal welcomes additional contributions involving country or regional analysis related to scenarios and models of natural capital and ecosystem services.

    For more details regarding abstract submissions and deadlines, please refer here.