• 2015•12•02     Paris

    This week, UNU-IAS will be contributing to the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) taking place in Paris, as the world comes together to reach a new climate agreement. UNU-IAS experts will be participating in the conference, and organizing two side events to advance discussions on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    UNU-IAS COP21 Side Events

    Firing Up for Climate: Traditional Fire Management Tackling Climate Change

    This event will examine savanna burning projects in Australia that use traditional knowledge and modern scientific practices to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere from late season wildfires. There is now an opportunity to apply this practice in other countries around the word and this event will provide space for discussions and networking among actors with an interest in the issue.

    Building International Cooperation for Low-Carbon Technology Transfer

    This side event will bring together several leading voices from academia and international organizations to look at the different dimensions of low-carbon technology transfer and ways international cooperation can enhance it. The event will feature speakers from the International Energy Agency, the Embassy of Japan and the New Climate Institute.

    UNU at COP21

    UNU experts will be in Paris participating in and organizing other activities to help ensure that the conference realizes sustainable and equitable policies and mechanisms to address climate change. To see other COP21 activities, visit the UNU website.