17th SDG–UP Workshop Plans Academic Consortium, Calls for Broad Stakeholder Engagement


  • 2022•08•25     Online

    On 16 June 2022, UNU-IAS organised the 17th workshop of the SDG–Universities Platform (SDG–UP). The online event engaged 45 participants from 24 universities across Japan, convening four working groups for the first time in 2022.

    Working Group on SDGs Curriculum
    The group discussed establishing an SDG–UP academic consortium to administer the online course “Introduction to the UN SDGs,” which was developed in 2021 as a certificate programme.

    Working Group on University Evaluation and Accountability
    Group members agreed to promote behavioral change in universities through external evaluation schemes such as the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings. Hokkaido University, which ranked 10th in the world in the Impact Rankings 2022, reported their initiatives.

    Working Group on University Collaboration
    This group discussed ways to explore collaboration between universities and local communities with an emphasis on working with students and disseminating information about SDG–UP.

    Working Group on Management
    Views were exchanged on issues and solutions for making sustainability a fundamental part of university management. The group identified each university’s strengths and considered the possibility of leveraging corporate ESG investments.

    In closing, Shunichi Murata (SDG–UP Advisor; Professor, School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University) remarked that Japanese universities had increased their participation and performed well in the Impact Rankings 2022. He noted that faculty and students hoped to learn from various SDG-related practices to promote change at the management level.

    A detailed report on the event is available in Japanese.

    Participating Universities

    This workshop engaged 24 participating universities, which are listed below in alphabetical order.

    Ehime University
    Hiroshima University
    Hokkaido University
    International Christian University
    International University of Japan
    Kanazawa University
    Keio Gijuku University
    Kwanseigakuin University
    Notre Dame Seishin University
    Ochanomizu University
    Okayama University
    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
    Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University
    Osaka Metropolitan University
    Osaka University
    Ryukoku University
    Soka University
    Sophia University
    Tokyo City University
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Toyo University
    The University of Kitakyushu
    The University of Tokyo
    University of Tsukuba