UNU-IAS 2017 Academic Year Commences

  • 2017•09•06     Tokyo

    On 4 September, UNU-IAS held an entrance ceremony for its 2017 Postgraduate Programmes in Sustainability Science, as well as the opening of its Intensive Core (IC) Course. This academic year, 16 new students joined UNU-IAS (12 pursuing an MSc. and four a Ph.D.), while eight students from partner universities (The University of Tokyo, Sophia University, and ICU) are currently enrolled in the IC Course. The total number of students is 24, representing 19 countries.

    The IC Course consists of three components related to sustainable development and serves as a foundation for the Master’s and Ph.D Programmes. Students will attend all-day lectures for the next four weeks, with the attendance of students from partner universities fostering intercollegiate exchange.

    The ceremony opened with welcome remarks from UNU-IAS Director Kazuhiko Takemoto. Osamu Saito, Academic Director and Academic Programme Officer, then provided more details about the programmes and what students can expect over the next month.

    For further updates about our students’ activities, please follow our Postgraduate Programmes page on Facebook.