First Student-led Symposium Held at UNU-IAS

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  • 2019•07•19     Tokyo

    Participants at the first Sustainability Research Symposium, 4 July 2019 (photo: JfUNU)

    On 4 July 2019, UNU-IAS students held the first Sustainability Research Symposium, on the theme “To 2030 and Beyond: Visions of the Future through Sustainability Science Research”. Focusing on sustainability issues including the SDGs, it provided a platform for students of UNU-IAS and other universities to present and discuss their research with more than 80 participants from academia, the private sector, governments and non-governmental organisations.

    This was the institute’s first symposium to be led by students, who formed their own organising committee. It was co-organised by the Japan Foundation for the United Nations University (JfUNU) and UNU-IAS.

    Ali Selemani, a first year MSc student of UNU-IAS, presents his research on renewable energy development in Tanzania (photo: JfUNU)

    The symposium featured 21 presentations by students of UNU-IAS, the University of Tokyo, and Sophia University. Thirteen UNU-IAS first-year students also exhibited posters on their sustainability research. The research presented spanned emerging global issues related to UNU-IAS thematic areas: (i) Sustainable Societies, including Education for Sustainable Development, (ii) Natural Capital and Biodiversity, and (iii) Global Change and Resilience.

    Speeches were also delivered by David M. Malone (Rector, UNU), Akane Mori (Managing Director, JfUNU), and Daisuke Machida (Administrative Director, Postgraduate Degrees and Training, UNU-IAS). Several UNU-IAS researchers led plenary sessions, which focused on the current status of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the future of global sustainability.

    As one of the highlights of the event, a new issue of the UNU student journal Peace and Progress was launched, with a panel discussion addressing sustainability issues raised in the journal’s recent newsletters. Peace and Progress is a journal managed by postgraduate students of three UNU institutes — UNU-IAS, UNU-EHS, and UNU-MERIT.

    The event programme is available in the Related Files tab.

  • Programme — Sustainability Research Symposium 2019

    SRS Programme 2019.pdf (2.9 MB PDF)