A Look Inside UNU-IAS Postgraduate Degree Programmes and UN Careers

  • 2019•01•18     Tokyo

    On 15 January 2019, UNU-IAS held an open house to introduce prospective students to its postgraduate degree (MSc and PhD) programmes and provide a forum to discuss future careers in the UN system. After an overview of UNU and UNU-IAS (its mission, structure, and educational and research activities), Mr. Tetsuo Kondo, Director of the UNDP Representation Office in Tokyo, gave a special lecture on UNDP and his career. He spoke about the UN and UNDP and explained their roles, engaging with the audience and detailing his experience in Chad as well as career opportunities within UNDP. At the end of the session, current UNU-IAS students spoke with the roughly 40 people in attendance and answered their questions about student life at UNU-IAS.