Regional Centres of Expertise on ESD Explore Innovative Ways to Upscale Climate Action

  • 2021•06•15

    UNU-IAS co-hosted a webinar, ‘Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Action through Learning in a Time of Global Crises‘, on 8 June 2021. This webinar was organised and coordinated as part of the activities of the Education for Sustainable Development – Regional Centres of Expertise for Education on Sustainable Development (RCEs) and ProSPER.Net project, that serves as the Secretariat for the Global RCE Network. This webinar was the second of two ‘bridge’ events between the 2020 RCE Regional Meetings and the 12th Global RCE Conference to be held in Autumn 2021.

    The webinar provided participants with an opportunity to explore ways to upscale climate activity in both the lead-up to COP26 and beyond, linking to the priority action areas within the UNESCO ESD for 2030 Roadmap. In addition, the event saw the launch of the new Roadmap for the RCE Community 2021-2030, which serves to guide the RCE community’s collective actions towards the SDGs and ESD for 2030 framework at local, national and global levels during the period 2021-2030.

    The event reminded participants of the importance of values, and the need to connect to heads, hearts, and hands, in order to drive action. The 12th Global RCE Conference, to be held from 16-18 November 2021, will provide a chance to build on the webinars preceding it and further support RCEs’ progress towards implementing and driving effective action on ESD and the SDGs.

    A full report of this webinar is available on the Global RCE Network website.