2017 UNU Global Seminar: A Focus on the Movement of People Beyond Borders

  • 2017•09•11

    From 29 August to 1 September, UNU-IAS, in cooperation with the Kanagawa International Foundation (KIF), jointly organized the annual UNU Global Seminar in Hayama, Kanazawa Prefecture.

    Eighty six participants from various universities from all over Japan attended the four-day seminar, themed this year as “The Role of International Organizations in the Global Economy: Movement of People Beyond Borders”. Lecturers, former UN officials, professors, and practitioners engaging in the field of migrant and refugees issues discussed the functions of international organizations in the global economy with a particular focus on international migration.

    On the final day, students presented on what they had learned through various lectures and activities. UNU Rector David M. Malone offered closing remarks as well as awarded certificates to all the participants, wrapping up a successful thirty-third session of this event.