Stakeholders Develop Recommendations for Revising Japan’s SDGs Implementation Guiding Principles

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  • 2019•09•24     Tokyo

    A conference on 6 September 2019 developed recommendations for revising Japan’s SDGs Implementation Guiding Principles, which have been submitted to the Government of Japan. The event engaged a wide variety of stakeholders to incorporate diverse perspectives in the recommendations, with 200 participants from private companies, local governments, labour unions and civil society organisations.

    The Stakeholder Conference for Revising SDGs Implementation Guiding Principles was co-organised by UNU-IAS and voluntary expert members of the SDGs Implementation Roundtable (Secretariat: Keio University SFC Research Institute, SDGs Civil Society Network), and in cooperation with SDSN Japan and the Global Environment Outreach Centre (GEOC).

    Participants discussed their vision of the world and Japan in 2030, perspectives on policies and measures for implementation of the SDGs, and efforts by each sector to achieve the SDGs, among other issues. Breakout sessions focused on the roles of stakeholders such as civil society, private companies, the financial sector, local initiatives and academic and education communities. Discussions also addressed the government’s system for implementation of the 2030 Agenda, including reviews and indicators.

    Reflecting these discussions, recommendations were prepared by the voluntary expert members and submitted to the Government of Japan on 9 September. The recommendations were received by Ambassador Tamaki Tsukada (Director-General / Assistant Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Vice Chair, Senior Official Board of the SDGs Promotion Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat). The Government of Japan plans to prepare a first draft of the revised “SDGs Implementation Guiding Principles” in October for public comments, which will be reflected in the finalised draft.

    Research related to this conference and recommendations was supported by the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (1-1801&S-16) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

    More information is available on the website of the SDGs Civil Society Network and in a leaflet available on the Related Files tab.

  • Recommendations for Revising Japan’s SDGs Implementation Guidelines

    Event Summary Leaflet (3.3 MB PDF)