Workshop Promotes Student Understanding of the SDGs


  • 2017•08•15     Tokyo

     On 10 August, UNU-IAS hosted a Studying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at UNU-IAS workshop attended by seven university student clubs dedicated to environmental action. The workshop aimed to enhance student understanding of the SDGs by linking the goals to their clubs’ current activities. The workshop provided a brief introduction of UNU-IAS and the SDGs, followed by a presentation from Ryobun Santo, a biology teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Musashi High School, on education that encourages students to voluntarily act on the SDGs and social issues. This led to discussion of how to integrate the goals into their future activities. Each club summarized its commitments in a written “Student SDGs Declaration”. Details of the workshop and the declaration will be included in the National Youth Environmental Network, Vol. 5 newsletter to be published in September.

    *This workshop was held in cooperation with the Secretariat of the National Youth Environmental Network, the Steering Committee for the National University Student Environmental Action Contest, and Global Environmental Outreach Centre (GEOC). A GEOC SDG poster exhibition was held simultaneously.