UNU-IAS Initiative on Solving the E-Waste Problem Publishes Annual Report 2013/2014

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  • 2015•04•20     Bonn

    The UNU-IAS Solving the E-Waste Problem (Step) Initiative published a new report covering its activities during 2013 and 2014.

    In the past year, Step was re-branded and re-organized in response to growing international interest towards its work and expertise regarding waste electrical and electronic equipment – or e-waste. Changes and improvements made to the initiative aim to ensure quicker and more relevant contributions towards a sustainable solution to the growing environmental and social problems posed by e-waste.

    Led by the UNU-IAS Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) operating unit based in Bonn, Germany, Step facilitates research, analysis and dialogue to address the e-waste problem. Its members include businesses, international organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions. Step has overseen numerous trainings and workshops, as well as the production of several research reports and policy briefs. The initiative also advises governments in developing policies, legislations and management systems.

    In addition to covering the initiative’s activities and developments over 2013 and 2014, the report also calls on others to join the network with details on the Step membership application procedure. For more information, see the Step Initiative website.

  • Step Annual Report 2013/2014

    (3.7 MB PDF)