UNU-IAS to Host Expert Workshops on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Scenarios


  • 2015•06•03     Tokyo

    In June UNU-IAS will host two international expert workshops on biodiversity and ecosystem services scenarios, providing important inputs to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). These workshops will be organized in collaboration with UNESCO, IPBES, the Belmont Forum and the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

    The workshops will focus on IPBES scenarios and models, which are critical for assessing the consequences of future human development for biodiversity and ecosystem services. They will emphasize multistakeholder participation in scenario development, which contributes to improved dialogue, builds capacities to understand and use scenarios in decision making, and improves integration of stakeholder knowledge in scenarios.

    Although the workshops will be closed to the public, the outputs will be shared with publication of a workshop report, a peer-reviewed journal article, and a policy brief, which will also be distributed through IPBES and the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Network (ScenNet) funded by the Belmont Forum.

    Workshop Details

    IPBES Participatory Scenario Workshop
    15–17 June 2015

    This workshop will outline a strategy for inclusion of participatory scenario building throughout the IPBES agenda, and determine ways to better incorporate participatory scenarios into regional and global assessments. It will place a strong focus on issues of spatial and temporal scale, such as scaling up from local studies to regional and global studies.

    Workshop on Developing Training Programmes for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Scenarios
    17–19 June 2015

    This workshop will collaboratively design pilot training programmes on biodiversity and ecosystem service scenarios and modelling, by identifying required knowledge and skills, and developing course outlines, module components, training materials and lists of instructors.