Video Advocates City Gardens for a Sustainable Urban Future


  • 2023•04•25     Kanazawa

    A new UNU-IAS video highlights the role of city gardens in shaping the urban environment and bridging the past and future of built environments. Using examples of traditional garden design in Kanazawa City, Japan, the video illustrates how gardens combine nature and culture to create green infrastructure. The rich garden traditions in Kanazawa can serve as a blueprint for modern urban development to enhance the quality of life in cities.

    “Culture & Nature: The Future of Kanazawa” is the fourth video in a series highlighting the role of urban nature in preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development. The series was developed as part of the Sustainable Urban Nature project implemented by the UNU-IAS Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa (OUIK) to raise awareness of the multiple benefits of urban gardens, such as biocultural diversity conservation and climate change mitigation.

    The video is available on the UNU-IAS YouTube channel.