Video Spotlights Award-Winning Student Project Tackling Microplastic Pollution


  • 2022•09•29

    A new UNU-IAS video illustrates how multi-stakeholder partnerships can empower youth to take action for the SDGs. It tells the story of Pla-Girls Team, a group of female students from Ehime University Senior High School in Japan who have been developing innovative solutions to address marine microplastics pollution.

    With the support of teachers, academics, and private companies, the students made outstanding research contributions and were awarded the UNU-IAS Director’s Award at the 7th Youth National Environment Activity Contest. The Pla-Girls Team had been highly successful in their activities despite the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. The video explores the empowerment framework through interviews with the students and the adults who supported them.

    UNU-IAS plays a leading role in empowering youth by providing opportunities to engage in international discussions, and hosting the National Youth Environment Activity Presentation Contest and follow-up training sessions.

    The video is available at the UNU-IAS YouTube channel.