Workshop Shares Research on Sustainable Management of Landscapes in Noto, Japan

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  • 2014•03•01     Kanazawa

    Kanazawa International Workshop Full Report Presentation SlideAn international workshop organized by UNU-IAS on 10–11 February 2014 explored the sustainable management of environments known as Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes (SEPLs). The workshop was held in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan, which is famous for its rich SEPLs (or satoyama and satoumi in Japanese). These environments have been shaped over the years by interactions between people and nature in ways that maintain biodiversity and provide people with goods and services needed for their well-being. UNU-IAS has been conducting several projects focused on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Noto Peninsula and its surrounding environment, in order to promote management of SEPLs and raise awareness that protecting biodiversity entails the protection of both wild and human-influenced natural environments.

    The workshop Sustainable Management of Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes in Noto promoted UNU-IAS research on SEPLS by sharing information, data, methodologies, and ongoing research activities, and explored future research directions for developing new co-management and co-governance models that may be applicable in other areas. A total of 26 participants included researchers and experts from the local area, from UNU-IAS and from the international community. The workshop was followed by the open seminar Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi, Seen from around the World, in the afternoon of 11 February, which disseminated the outcomes of the workshop and gathered feedback.

    After experts shared information, a discussion session was held to explore future research directions by discussing five key components: (i) challenges and opportunities of SEPLs, (ii) stakeholders, (iii) traditional knowledge and modern science, (iv) new research areas and (v) operation of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) conceptual framework at the regional or local scale.

    A full workshop report, including a summary of the discussion, key suggestions, and presentation abstracts will be available in early May.

  • Kanazawa International Workshop Full Report

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    Kanazawa International Workshop Full Report Presentation Slides

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