Youth Environment Forum Links Local Issues and Global Agenda

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  • 2023•02•20     Tokyo & Online

    On 4 February 2023 UNU-IAS hosted the National Youth Environment Forum in the lead up to the Eighth Japan Youth Environmental Activity Contest. The event provided opportunities for the contest participants to learn about the linkages between local environmental issues and the global agenda.

    Akio Takemoto (Programme Head, UNU-IAS) stressed the importance of developing solutions to climate change by paying attention to the long-term impacts on future generations. Noting the increased involvement of youth in inter-governmental negotiations and international conferences, he encouraged students to deepen their understanding of global environmental issues, develop the ability to communicate in English, and cooperate with people of all ages.

    Alexandra Marie N. Sumaway (Graduate student, UNU-IAS) introduced her research in environmental policy at UNU-IAS, focusing on the plastic pollution in her home country the Philippines. She highlighted Japan’s comprehensive waste disposal scheme, and encouraged students to take action at the individual level, emphasising the importance of grass-roots activities to tackle global issues.

    Following presentations by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOEJ); the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency, Japan; and the Global Environmental Outreach Centre (GEOC) students exchanged ideas through a career-development workshop.