Chakraborty, Shamik

JSPS-UNU Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Shamik Chakraborty
    Jingumae 5-53-70, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8925, Japan

    Research Interests

    • Ecosystem assessment and management
    • Ecosystems
    • Land Use Changes
    • Socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes


    • PhD, Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

    Biographical Statement

    Shamik Chakraborty joined UNU IAS as a JSPS UNU postdoctoral research fellow in October 2015. His research focuses on the socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes (SEPLSs) in Japan, also known as satoyama and satoumi, their decline and ways of possible revival. Prior to joining UNU IAS, he conducted several independent field studies in different parts of Japan on topics that included: the degradation of coastal fisheries of Seto Inland Sea, with case studies in Kunisaki peninsula, and finding possible restoration pathways; Satoyama landscapes, their social ecology and land use history in the Kuma river basin in Kumamoto prefecture; the roles of conservation initiatives (such as geoparks) and their links between society, ecology and landscapes; the changes in social ecology of grassland management in Aso volcanic area (Social-ecology of active volcanic landscpaes); the role of tourism in the conservation of landscapes and biodiversity. He has presented his research results at a number of international conferences in Japan and abroad, and published papers in international academic journals. In addition to his research on Japan, Shamik has also conducted field studies in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. His PhD research analyzed the degradation of watershed environments in the peri-urban areas of Laguna Lake Basin in the Philippines.

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