Shio Terui

  • Shio TeruiShio Terui joined UNU-IAS as an administrative assistant in February 2015, and she provides general administrative support to UNU-IAS under the supervision of the Programme and Administrative Services Officer (PASO) of UNU-IAS. Prior to joining UNU-IAS, Ms. Terui worked in various industries in the private sector, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistic services, and IT consulting as a back-office specialist (Finance/Administration/HR), for twenty years. She holds a diploma in English Conversation from Tokyo Foreign Language College, Japan, and studied abroad in Vancouver, Canada for one year at a private language institute and Capilano University. During her stay in Vancouver, she developed an interest in environmental issues, especially forest clearcutting around Vancouver and joined as a volunteer in an environmental conservation activities committee to support their work by assisting with PR and conference preparation.