Grant for Global Sustainability (GGS)

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    Capacity development
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    Osamu Saito

    UNU-IAS invites applications for the Grant for Global Sustainability (GGS), a new initiative supporting research related to implementation of the global post-2015 development agenda. Educational and research institutions based in Japan are eligible to apply for the 3-year grants. Proposals must focus on one of the following two themes. Theme 1: Study for the achievement of inclusive development As we reach the target dates for the MDGs, there are concerns not only over gaps in achievement between states, but also those within states. In the post-2015 agenda, it will be crucial to accelerate efforts to achieve inclusive development, in which all people participate in and benefit from social and economic development. Therefore, proposals in this research theme must address the implementation and achievement of inclusive development. Specific areas include: development of educational system, human/social/economic development, good governance and peace building. Theme 2: Solutions to challenges the Earth system faces Due to human actions drawing down the Earth’s natural capital in an unsustainable manner, the planet’s life support system has been significantly weakened. Changes in the natural environment are causing disasters and resulting in increased poverty. Human and social development, including food, water and energy security continue to be prioritized in the post-2015 agenda, and require a sustainable Earth system as their foundation. Therefore, proposals in research theme 2 must develop solutions to the challenges faced by the Earth system for sustainable development. Specific areas include: natural capital, biodiversity, climate change, global change, technology and resilience.

    • Osamu Saito Osamu Saito Academic Programme Officer
      Project Manager
    • Natsuko Imai
    • Yuki NAKANO
    • Rieko Sato
    • Aya Yokoi