K-Eco Global Net-Zero Partnership (K-GNP)

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    Capacity development
    Project Manager :
    Jonghwi Park

    Funded by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, this research project aims to develop research-based capacity building modules for effective implementation and governance of the Paris Agreement at national level. The research entails three phases:

    1) A case study of three advanced countries: Case countries who have effectively implemented the national strategies that are compatible with the 1.5°C commitment to the Paris Agreement will be selected. The study will identify success factors, practical examples and remaining challenges in the climate governance system implementation. 

    2) A situational analysis of a beneficiary country: One middle-income country from Asia will be selected and examined on their readiness for the effective implementation and monitoring of the Paris Agreement. 

    3) Capacity building: Based on the findings from Phase 1 and Phase 2, the capacity building modules will be designed and implemented for the beneficiary country national officials. 

    • Jonghwi Park Jonghwi Park Academic Programme Officer
      Project Manager
    • Miki Konishi Miki Konishi Programme Coordinator
    • Philip Vaughter Philip Vaughter Consultant
    • Jerome Sardido Silla
      Junior Researcher
    • Upalat Korwatanasakul