Park, Jonghwi

Academic Programme Officer

  • Jonghwi Park
    +81 3 5467 1212
    South Korean

    Research Interests

    • Causes and consequences of migration
    • Challenges of small island developing countries
    • Education and e-learning
    • Education for sustainable development
    • ICT for development
    • innovation and new technology
    • Mobile Learning
    • Open Educational Resources
    • Policy analysis


    • PhD in Educational Psychology (Learning Science stream) (McGill University, Canada)
    • MA in Educational Technology (Hanyang University, Korea)
    • BSc in Education (Hanyang University, Korea)

    Biographical Statement

    Dr Jonghwi Park is an Academic Programme Officer and the Head of Innovation and Education at UNU-IAS. Since joining in October 2020, Dr Park leads a new thematic programme that promotes the innovative and inclusive use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide lifelong learning opportunities for sustainable development. She believes that lifelong and life-wide learning is a key to the successful and comprehensive achievement of 17 SDGs and advocates the importance of contextualizing the global agenda into the national priority areas and local needs.

    Prior to joining UNU-IAS, Dr Park was a team leader and programme specialist of ICT in Education at UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning in 2011-2020. She has led various policy research projects on equitable digital technologies for learning within and beyond formal schooling for underserved populations, such as girls and women, migrants and refugees, people with disabilities and learners from geographically challenging areas. Notable outputs include a regional assessment framework for digital citizenship (Digital Kids Asia Pacific), ICT competency standards for teachers, and national ICT in education strategies and policies.

  • Articles

    • Park, J. (2020). Covid-19 Education Response Education Sector Issue Note: Open and Distance Learning to Support Youth and Adult Learning. UNESCO Paris.
    • Park, J. (2020). From Radio to AI: Seeking solutions to support learning for refugees, migrants and IDPs. Global Partnership for Education.
    • UNESCO. (2019). Digital Kids Asia Pacific: Insights into Children’s Digital Citizenship. UNESCO Bangkok. Available at: (First author)