Advancing Collaboration and Exchange of Knowledge Between the EU and Japan for AI-Driven Innovation in Manufacturing (EU-Japan.AI)

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    Akio Takemoto

    Artificial Intelligence technology is already having a great impact in many areas, especially including the manufacturing sector. The integration of AI with advanced manufacturing technologies and systems makes it possible to exploit the full potential in the manufacturing industry by achieving a higher level of adaptability, efficiency and robustness. At the same, such systems will be human centric and promote the inclusion and cooperation with humans during planning and execution which can help to improve the quality of products and processes. Both the EU and Japan have recognised these new development trends and their importance. In order to widely deploy these technologies, special attention is given to international cooperation and exchange of knowledge between EU and Japan for AI-driven innovation in manufacturing.

    The EU-Japan.AI project is responding to this need by implementing a platform-based approach to connect all the relevant stakeholders from EU and Japan working on AI applications for manufacturing. This platform, beside other tools, will include an open-information hub, encouraging the exchange of information on the respective research programmes and technological results. This will be supported by distribution of topic relevant materials, information on upcoming events and matchmaking opportunities and twinning activities to establish a vibrant and connected network at the heart of the platform, where a community of practice approach will facilitate the cooperation of all the participants. Convergence workshops will help to establish how research and innovation projects should address AI for manufacturing, the needs and requirements for AI from the point of manufacturers’ view as well as to address current needs and future requirements. Overall, the project aims to establish, stimulate and support long-term cooperation between the participants, by connecting them via the project’s platform and by using modern, online-driven awareness approaches.

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